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First Birthday

Happy Birthday from Tutor Time!

Tutor Time of Smithtown Birthday Celebration

Recently our center came together and we “Rocked the Socks” in honor of Makenzie Cadmus’ first birthday!

As you all know the Cadmus’ family is very dear to our heart. We were very fortunate to get to know their family while her older brother, Crosby completed his Pre•k career with us. Makenzie was diagnosed with a rare skin disease called EB. This disease causes her to suffer with skin missing on most of her limbs. Everyday she undergoes bandage changes 2-3 times daily.
Everyone went above and beyond and we raised $350 for her! We also donated several boxes of diapers and 75 jars of Aquaphor, which the family uses daily. We hope we made her a day a little extra special!

Happy birthday Makenzie! Thank you again, to all of our families, you are really the best!!

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